Detection Zone for Cam Pan 2 returns it to origin and wont stay put


I have a Cam Pan 2 and without Detection Zone enabled the camera is set to the “middle” position as to get it turn to each side if needed… BUT when I try to enable a DETECTION ZONE, the camera turns back completely to the left automatically, meaning the wall.

I have tried turning it with the app were I want it and to select the Detection Zone I need… but it keeps turning back Inmediately.

So my only options are to turn Detection Zone to Off … but I will keep getting notification for an area I don´t need that has a lot of foot traffic.

Or to manually set the camera to were the Detection Zone is needed but now I wont be able to turn the camera to the left if needed. making the PAN function useless… as if i HAD a regular camera, which makes no sense.

So, why is this happening? and what can I do to fix it?