Detection Zone Change?

Is the new detection zone change (no block just ONE resizable square) permanent? I cannot begin to explain how big a pain this is, I used to be able to monitor important zones in the picture while blocking others that would trigger too many alerts from shadows, cars, and headlights… now it’s basically limited my detection zone to one spot.
Please dear God say this isn’t permanent.

No change in detection zones (blocks) on my V3 with latest firmware
Running Android App v2.29.1 (116)

Did you update the firmware?

Welcome to the community @violetvontesla!

Agree with those above. Mine is working as designed.

Post a screenshot of what you are seeing because it doesn’t sound like what we are seeing.

Also, double check that it wasn’t a byproduct of the mass service outage we all just experienced.

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Will need an @Mods to increase @violetvontesla rules to allow posting of screenshots given it’s their first post.

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TIL… Didn’t know that was a restricted function for new posters. My bad. Where are the user levels and permissions published?

Thanks for the save and tip in!

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@violetvontesla It looks like your forum trust level has already increased enough for you to post a screenshot if you like.

IIRC, this has been mentioned elsewhere already and that the situation resolved itself spontaneously. Sorry, I don’t have a link to that post. Perhaps one of the @Mavens recalls where it was mentioned.

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I remember someone else saying it happened to them and I think it was also mentioned on the Facebook community but I can’t find the post

Shot you a DM :wink:

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