Detection zone cam image fails to appear

*For iOS app beta 2.33.0(b14) the respective zone does not populate with the cam image on the first try. Waiting for it to populate does not work. Repeated navigation back and forth eventually causes the cam image to populate. *

*Also, the portrait view detection zone will not switch to landscape view. *

See log 647649.


EDIT: Correcting my original statement: I am now confirming this issue when using the correct Beta App as listed above. I have linked to this thread in the correct beta release so the proper devs will see the issue.


Thanks for the correction. I’m new to the Beta community. How do you differentiate a Beta release from a Release Candidate when considering thread paths to follow? The iOS firmware apps I tested had (b8) and (b14) as a suffix so I thought the (b14) was another Beta release. I couldn’t find a thread for it so I started the new topic.

On a different beta topic, I have three keypads using two different versions of firmware ( and Both versions are listed as “Up to date’” in my account tab. Is …70 a Beta version?

A soft rule-of-thumb is to look up the device on the Release Notes & Firmware page. That only lists the released versions of the firmware (soft because someone may forget to update it), lol.

Another soft method is to search for the firmware version on the forum, hoping for an announcement thread. That is soft because for some reason the posters like to insert spaces in the version number. The Mods usually try to correct that, but sometimes they miss one.

In your case, the Release Notes & Firmware page says x.63 is the current released version, and I don’t see any announcement for either. So that pair definitely fell thru the cracks a bit, but x.70 is likely a Beta version.

Thing about beta versions is they may never get released; but hopefully a higher version does at some point.


Thanks Newshound. I’ll treat the x.70 as beta even though it came installed on a retail purchase.

Unfortunately it did not work. I also suspected that might be a fix so I waited for the cam upload/download numbers to start showing before I checked the zone settings. I have a mesh 400Mbps so the connection is fairly fast. This just started with this app beta release.

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