Detection setting

Couple questions about detection settings.

  1. My setting always eventually seem to reset them selves to 50 on both motion sensitivity and sound. I move them lower, but later in the day when I check the levels they are back to 50 and 50. Is their something I need to do to lock them in?

  2. Does the sensitivity level of motion or sound effect the person detecting? Will it detect a person from farther away if the motion sensitivity level or sound sensitivity is turned way up?

  3. Will I still get an alert if a person is detected if motion and sound event recording is turned off?

The sensitivity should not be resetting by itself there is no way to lock it in try uninstall and reinstalling the app.
the sensitivity level of motion or sound will effect the person detecting.
Person Detection relies on the camera having Motion Detection turned on

Will I have to unplug the camera and do the setup process all over again?

Uninstalling and reinstalling the app. does not require you to do the setup process all over again