Designing irrigation system with WYZE core from the ground up

Anybody succeeded in creating a WYZE optimized irrigation system from the ground up (starting with no existing system) with the WYZE Sprinkler Controller in its heart? Can you please provide layout and lessons learned? Thank you very much!

Not sure what information you are hoping to gain. Sprinkler system design is pretty much unique to the property upon which it is installed. Depending upon where you live, permits may be required. The controller is just a small portion of the design. Locations of lines and valves are far more important, plus watering patterns, sprinkler placement, etc.

Well, there are specifications that are not easy (possible?) to find, for example the load that can be applied to on the zone and master controls (A). That makes designs with less common parts (e.g., electrically actuated ball valves 1" Stainless Steel Electric Motorized Ball Valve - 2 Wire Auto Return ) more risky. What users discovered by pursuing off-the-beaten-path solutions can be very helpful.

Why would you use a ball valve instead of a standard 24v solenoid?