Dependence on ISP ruins cam use

Since WYZE cams are dependent on a connection to WYZE servers in order to run correctly, any loss of ISP , frankly kills functionality. This ruins any practical use of the cams. Lately my ISP has been going down for hours at a time. Yes the cams still record to sd but who wants to spends hours going through all the video. Thats what motion detection does but it’s dependent on WYZE servers. Thanks to ISP loss, Im at a loss and will now be going back to my old setup which records and flags locally. I love WYZE cams but the ISP issue ruins them. Unfortunately Spectrum is the only game in town.

If your internet connection is down you won’t get notifications from any system, local or cloud-based. If you set your Wyze Cams SD recording mode to “Record events only” it should be easier to scan back through any events that occurred while the internet was out.

Another option that adds some expense but may help your reliability is to add a 3G/4G “backup internet” option to your network. My router (Asus RT-AC68U) natively supports several USB modems and can be configured to fail over to the cellular data connection after a predetermined number of pings to an internet address fail. I’ve used it in the past for short periods, although I imagine it would go through your data fairly quickly if you have a lot of motion.

If you’re moving to a local system to monitor the video feeds and tag them for easier lookup later you could also try the Wyze RTSP firmware to stream to your monitoring server of choice. As long as the internet is available when the cameras boot up they should continue streaming via RTSP to your local NVR.

Thanks for the info…now you have my brain working…