Deleting preset rules

Is there anyway to delete a preset rule? I do not want a preset rule to run.

You can delete any rule by clicking it and hitting delete at the bottom.

The preset rules you see when hit create rule are just suggestions. They are not actually going to run unless you click them to set them up.


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Yep. :+1: @IEatBeans is on point.

The Preset rules (New) are just templates for you to pick from that have the basics already loaded for you.

The only way they become active in your Active Rules List is if you open one and click Save (with or without modifications).


To delete the preset rule template buttons at the top of the Wyze app Home page, swipe the rules banner all the way to the left and click the little “X” icon. You can get back to rule templates by clicking Add/Create (“+” icon) in the upper left corner of the home page > Add Rule > Preset Rules.