Deleting Notifications-App Closes

When deleting groups of notifications, if I select the multiple notification, the app will suddenly close, forced out of the WYZE account. Is there a fix for this issue?

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What do you mean forced out of the Wyze account? Like you have to log in again?

Sounds like an app or device issue. I’d atleast restart your device, if it persists I’d then delete and then redownload the app.

Deletes the notifications then kicks me out of the app (android device) Started happening after the most recent WYZE update. Already restarted the device, force stopped the app with no success. Next step will be to delete the app and start over!

Your settings are saved in the cloud. Once you reinstall and login, all your previous settings will populate with no need to setup all your devices again.

Everything stored in cloud… Now who do you suppose has total unhampered access to those files??? Yup

It’s been happening to me sporadically also. I assume you mean deleting groups of Events (cloud-based video clips). Running Android 10, latest public app release. Haven’t checked for this problem cross-platform.