Deleting Events without loading

I have to load the Event footage in order to delete the Event. Since there is a page with all the Events listed, I would like to be able to delete the Events by swiping or selecting the Events and not have to load the footage individually. Easy feature to add, right?

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To delete events in a batch, from Home Screen;
Home Screen/ Events Tab/ Funnel Icon / (Select your desired cams)/Show Results/Pencil Icon/Select All (or select just the ones you want) /Delete.

This will clear events by chosen devices page at a time without the need to load the events individually.
Hope this is what you are looking for!


Thanks, tomp.

I did not know about the funnel function. I followed this and was able to pull up all desired events, but I do not have a delete button! Or am I missing that, too?

Ah…use the pencil and then you can select all and delete. Got it now.

Thanks, tomp!!


Glad to be able to help! Enjoy!

Delete An Entire Day’s Videos in Events

UNTIL you finally improve motion detection in V2 cameras, can you please allow us to delete all videos, or a day’s videos, or some way other than selecting 20 on my app.

This request can go away WHEN you finally improve motion detection on the existing cameras out there.

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To delete more than the initial 20 events, swipe up to load more events before selecting the pencil icon.

You may also wish to comment on and/or vote for “More options for deleting cloud events

Thanks, Seapup. That helps for now. I did vote for the thread you mentioned, and also for the thread regarding CamPlus not recording 1 or 2 second detections. That could fix a lot of these problems without having to re-engineer the UI.

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We really do need a “delete entire day”, “all”, or “date/timeframe” option where user need only pick or specify range and push one button. As is, it is very, very cumbersome and swiping up by 20’s for each day is frustrating and not intuitive.

Agreed. I want superior motion detection but not 362 videos recorded every day based on wind blowing trees, bugs flying by, lightning flashes.