Delete and/or replace Cams in Live Webview

It would be great if we could delete and/or replace cams in the Web-view. I’ve got old outdoor cams which are not supported in the beta which I’ve upgraded to V3 cams and I have Cam Plus on all of them. However, I can’t see them in Web-view because the old cams are still there under the same name.

You have multiple cameras in your account with the same name? That could cause lots of problems.
My system is that every camera is numbered - both with a P-Touch label on the camera, and as the first few characters of the “name”. For example: “26 - Temp Dashcam”. The assigned location and therefore the name may change over time (and many have), but the camera number never does. The numbers are assigned sequentially from the first camera that I bought. I also have a spreadsheet that lists activation date, what kind, size, and date of uSD card, if that camera is forced to a specific WiFi (if not the normal one), the location, and any other notes (for example one camera notes that the blue status LED is dead).

No, they’re all different. However, I replaced older Outdoor Wyze Cams with the newer V3 Wyze Cams and reused the name. The old Outdoor Cams have been removed. The point is that it appears that Live View still thinks they’re the older outdoor cam and telling me they’re not supported. So I believe i need to delete them and reload them to “refresh” what live view thinks they are.

On your laptop or computer for live view, have you cleared your cache?