Delay when turning on from switch

Hi All,

There is a small delay when turning the bulbs on with a switch, it’s not long enough for me to be bothered, but for my kids it’s enough that they have to flick the switch on and off to get the lights to work. This results in the bulbs getting reset and me having to re-pair them. Is there anyway to fix this delay, or change the number of on/off cycles to a higher number so I wouldn’t have to keep re-paring them?

Wow, it’s like a second. You sure they aren’t just screwing with daddy? Lol

No, the behavior is fixed ATM. Some people have asked for a different method, maybe Wyze will change it in the future, but right now it is fixed, not variable.

It’s mostly they are scared of the dark and that delay is enough for them to be worried about it. Thanks for the answer.

I put a contact sensor on my sons door, by the time the door is open 4 inches the light is on. maybe a contact sensor or a motion sensor will solve that time issue for you. with the motion sensor you could set it so it would activate before they enter the room so it would be on when they get there.

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