Trying to create a rule that does the following:
When the Wyze Sense motion sensor detects a warm body start recording on camera xx.

What I don’t understand is what does “turn on the camera mean”? My cameras are already on. But mostly waiting on event.
Now before you jump on me on why am I trying to use a 2nd motion detctor instead of just using the one on camera its because I want to learn how it works.

2ndly, what if I want to save to my micro SD card. Or is that automatic?
I am assuming that “save to cloud” requires that I have Cam+ subscription.

Just trying to all Wyze toys playing nice w/o Alexa.

Turn camera on does what it says, if your camera is off thst will turn it on.
Use send to cloud. That will record a 12 second clip. Cam+ is not required.
Lots of people do this because the V2 does not have a PIR sensor.

Thank you. Makes it easy.

Get BlueMail for Android is on the money-Turn on Cam turns it back on if it has for some reason been turned off. Because it is relatively easy to accidentally turn off cams within a group, I usually use that instruction in Rules before any other instructions for a cam like record, etc. Just in case…
To record to SD card from the cam you need to go to: Settings/Advanced Settings/Local Storage and turn on Local Recording to SD Card. You can choose to record continuously or just when the cam detects an event you have selected earlier.