Default Photo Outdoor Camera

Apologies if this is fundamental, but I seem to be missing it. When I open the iOS app for the outdoor camera, there is a “default photo” from a couple of weeks ago I would like to change/delete. If I click on the camera, it gives me the live stream and then when I close the app the unwanted photo is back the next time I open it. Is there a way to force a new photo or change that manually?

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The picture on the app is not a default picture. It is the view of the last thing the camera viewed and or recorded before shutting down again, If you want to test it out just move the view of the camera left or right, open live view the close it out again, you should have a new picture.

Thanks. I do understand that part. Just asking how do I force a new photo, since the camera is in a place I am not. Or is that possible?

I do not think there is any possible way, the camera views what it views. If you can view the camera in live view why do you want the picture to change? I don’t know, try live view at night with the IR lights on and see if you get a different picture. Maybe force close and open the app again.

You can restart the camera via the app. No idea if that will help.