Decided to give Wyze a miss

Decided not to buy anymore products from Wyze.
I always look at a company not how many problems they have but how they deal with those problems that arise.
I have bought 2 pan cameras, 3 non pan cameras, two lots of all of the sensors, the watch and the scales. Not going to buy anything else as can’t resolve issues I have.
I now have x3 out door cameras that I don’t have a base unit starter pack for and they are out of stock. So going to have to go for another brand and change them all out me thinks…:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

How did you get outdoor cameras without the base unit?

Early access earlier in the year. Long story short, got lost in the post. Sort of. After early access, ordered the other cameras. So have them and can’t use them now. :tired_face:

Oh crap! That’s just an unfortunate series of events. Is the starter kit still sold out?

I heard Home Depot started carrying the starter, are you close to any of those?

Early bird for the base station and then ordered the 3 cameras after that early bird when they became available.