Dead motion sensor

Hi Guys,

My motion sensor battery died few weeks ago. I ordered one from Amazon and replaced it yesterday. However, there was no life left in the sensor (i.e. no blinking lights at all). I tried taking the battery out and pressing the reset button several times. But no luck. Just to be sure, I also checked the battery with a voltmeter and it seems to be good. I reached out to Wyze support team. They offered to replace the sensor If I was based in the USA but I am based in Canada so that option is not applicable in my case. I find it very strange for a sensor to die because of a dead battery. I was wondering if there are any troubleshooting steps that I could undertake at my end to revive the sensor. Please let me know.


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It sounds like the sensor is dead. If you’ve connected support that’s all you can do.

There is another thread on the forum about this issue. Many people are experiencing the problem with the sensors and Wyze seems to be aware of the problem but is being less than reasonable about replacing what are, essentially, faulty products.

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