DE authentication Attack

“Normal” StarLink service is taking orders, but mobile (as in vehicular) is not taking deposits yet.

Mobile vehicular star link?


Howdy @SanJose_Scrooge: It has been awhile since I provided an update on my situation. I have another thread going trying to hold WYZE accountable for enabling WPA3 on the v2’s. They claim they did it in July of 2021, but I haven’t been able to find anyone that is able to get it to work.

Anyway, I’ve taken a deep dive down the ethical hacking route and have learned much. My new found friend is kali Linux running as a VM within VMware workstation on my Win10 laptop. I purchased a USB WiFi adapter that I can use with kali and put it into monitoring mode.

Come to find out, I shouldn’t have brushed off your idea about signal strength so fast. Without going into too much detail, I used readily available tools within kali to capture several of the deauthentication packets. Since the deauthentication packets themselves are spoofed, I am not able to tell which device is sending them. However, the attacker cannot spoof the strength of their signal. All of my suspicions have been confirmed and I now know exactly who is sending the deathentication packets to my AP. They continue to boot the two v3 cameras I have mounted outdoors.

I need to think about how I go about confronting these ass hats with my findings. I could just launch my own deauthentication attacks, but two wrongs don’t make a right and I’m too old for this crap! Right now I’m thinking about taking the high road. Asking them nicely to look into their WiFi equipment, as I have determined that there is something in their home knocking my two cameras offline. Maybe when I talk with them I’ll bring some documentation explaining that what is happening is a federal crime here in the USA. I’m sure they will deny it (just like they have denied other things in the past), but hopefully it stops after the conversation. If not, I will submit my evidence to the FCC and go from there.

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Huh. That’s mostly about attacking hotspots / access points, not cameras or other endpoints, but it does include:

I would love to hear that you actually got the FCC to deal with these asshats but the chances seem so low… Good luck. I hope you can eventually just move away from the problem.

They are booting devices from my WiFi hotspot/access point. That’s what the law covers. It doesn’t matter what the device is. Booting anything from anyone’s hotspot/access point intentionally is against the law. I completely agree, in this particular case going the law enforcement route is a long shot.

As of right now, I have zero intentions to move. My place is paid off and I really enjoy watching my savings account grow. I’m not the type to run away from problems in the neighborhood. Proven by the fact that a very active drug dealer moved out within a year of me taking a stand. Where there is a will there is a way.

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I am pleased to report that the “smile in your face stab you in the back” neighbors put their house up for sale this week. This gives me yet one more thing to be thankful for. :smiley:


Talk to them directly if you know who it is…OTHERWISE Talk to your HOA or Property MNGMNT peeps… Have them mention it specifically.


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If karma is a thing (karma is not a thing) they’ll move next door to a microwave oven testing facility.

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If they had not put their house up for sale I would be doing exactly that. Knowing that they are on the way out…I will live with it for now. If they aren’t able to find a buyer within 3-4 weeks, I may rethink my decision.

Good news, the neighbor posted a “sold” sign yesterday. Also, all of the attacks stopped once they started showing their home shortly after my last post. Fingers crossed that the new owners are on the up and up.

Merry Christmas to all,