Data uploads with detection turned off

One cam uploaded 1.8MB of data to three different IP addresses. Detection is not turned on, anyone know why it would do that and why to different places?

Did you or anyone else view the camera at all?

I view it when the gardener is supposed to be there. I have those 3 ip addresses blocked for that cam and I find that it is not available to view from internet. I can view from local wifi but not from away. Will unblock and test.

Viewing the camera has to upload data.if you want to view it you’ll have to unblock the IP addresses.

Unblocking one gives access to cam and allows detection’s to upload to web. Don’t understand why it needs to upload all that data to more than one. I assume it’s some kind of backup strategy. I’ve unblocked all now. :man_shrugging:

It’s not necessarily uploading. It’s communicating. It has to phone home to the Wyze servers, pull DNS queries, negotiate the P2P network to set up viewing sessions, synch the time, and maybe send metrics and tracking to 3rd parties (?).

The entire way these function is to be tethered to the “cloud” service so of course there is handshaking traffic. How else could you reach the cameras?

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