Dashcam?, when?

Why are we not seeing a wyze dashcam yet? i mean, i had personally anticipated a time before now, and seen many come from behind, whats the hold back wyze?

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There is a #wishlist topic suggesting this. Check it out and Vote if you like it.

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On thing about a dash cam is you want 100% reliability. Given the Wyze track record of breaking their products with untested firmware and software releases they are the last company I’d buy a dash cam from. If you want an affordable and reasonably reliable camera go with VIOFO. For a bit more money, rock solid customer support and superior reliability I’d recommend Street Guardian.

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Just curious, why a WYZE dash cam? A dash cam probably wouldn’t be integrated with the app.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive one that works well I bought a Torguard. Been happy with the functions and quality.

You could use a Wyze Cam Outdoor as a dashcam perhaps.