Darker Detection zone notifications

Make the grid BLOCKS DARKER they are too Transparent headlights can send false notifications ( example bypassing car on street) will pass through the grid block and trigger notifications, annoying to get this off 10 cams through out the night

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We have tried turning down sensitive on motion. We use these cams for our business, must be notified when vehicles enters the business not minutes after they leave . We have solar cams also by Reolink, the mask on their detection zone completely blocks out unwanted areas.

Could you explain the “darker” detection better?
The zone outlines in the app may be transparent, but they completely disable that part of the camera’s image for detection.
If you don’t want the camera to detect the car headlights, you’ll need to adjust the detection zone and sensitivity accordingly.


What camera are you using that has the troubles?

Most Wyze cameras have their main motion detection system as a “pixel change” system. Anything that causes pixels in frame to change, changes in light (headlights), moving shadows, changing colors, actual movement etc are detected as motion. Some things you can do to minimize detections of headlights are more detection zone excluded areas, higher sensitivity settings, and reevaluating your cameras mounted location and angle.


How long have each of you owned and use Wyze cams ?

Have any of you read the part I mentioned a competitor’s cams have a black out area to prevent notifications and recording of unwanted areas. This was a suggestion to Wyze Wizards ( I prefer to have engineer Dept look into this issue ). Wyze did contact me regarding this issue and they are looking at it , But suggested to put it on the wish list . I guess enough votes and they might fix it . By that time some customers will probably purchase a competitor’s cams . I own & use 10 Wyze cams since 2018 . At my business.

Since about new years 2019.

I have worked with business grade camera systems that have that ability.

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I got my first V2 in late 2018.

I’m still confused on if you’re talking about a privacy zone that would black out the area or a motion detection zone.

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I believe they are talking about a feature that would essentially add a black (or whatever means chosen) box (or whatever shape) overlay within the camera frame that would not record at all. So if you want to view area straight out into your front yard, but not get the neighboors house, you could block out their house and it won’t be recorded or viewed in app. This about right @annvasquez59 ?


So something like this?




Anyone that uses the Nest doorbell knows about this feature and it’s very useful to get rid of unwanted notifications.