Damn! New 2.0 software broke IFTTT! Help!

Worked with Life360 app and it all died.

I had it enable notifications when leaving home, and turn back on when returning.


You will need to be more specific. Which IFTTT Wyze action(s) were you using? Can you trigger that action with an applet button instead of Life360?

What’s an applet button?

You can make an IFTTT applet that is triggered by a button in the IFTTT app on your phone. If you make such an applet it would eliminate the trigger failing as the reason for the applet failing as this should always be a reliable trigger. Alternatively, you could use the scheduled time trigger. Also, make sure you enable Receive Notifications When This Applet Runs when you set it up so you know that it was triggered. Then if it fails and you were notified that it ran, we will know that is the Wyze action that failed.

OK, I see what you mean.
No, it does not work with an Applet.

Also, this is been working for six months perfectly. The new version of the software broke everything

I would try disassociating your Wyze account from IFTTT then link them again.

Thank you. How exactly do I disconnect? Do I simply delete the Applets?


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All working now.


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