Damn Bee trying to build a house

This damn bee keeps trying to get into the lens of my front WCO.He was sitting on the lens for more than an hour, I brushed him off with a broom twice and he came back 30 seconds later and is determined to make a house in the cam I guess. Blow Torch? :fire::fire::open_mouth:

I’ve experienced this a lot with bees and unfortunately not much can be done to prevent it. :exploding_head: :angry:

Spray some wasp killer near it, he won’t come back…at least not more than once. I had to do this with one of my cams.

A few drops of vinegar in that area might deter the bee.

The bee went to the big hive in the sky, R.I.P. But there a few hundred more flying around the flowers here to take his place. I’ll try the vinegar first to deter other home builders either that or ask if they have any building permits.