Daily usage thread. Post yours for comparison

Hi everyone, I’d like to start a thread where we can share our daily usage and compare the efficiency of our homes. I know everyone’s usage will be completely different but it will be a place where we can share info and compare.

Currently, I have a 2750sqft 2 story home with partial brick on the front but 90% sided, it’s 2x6 exterior walls with a forced walk out unfinished basement. We just installed a 90% Rheem furnace. My temps are 68 during the day and 63 at night. I had to adjust the thermostat to read -4 degrees because it was off compared to my old one.

Temps here have been around 20-25 degrees and I’m averaging about 4.75-5.1 hours of usage time per day. I’m not sure if that is good or bad but I haven’t enabled the fan mode yet. I plan to try that soon to see if that helps at all. Honestly, I think my furnace runs the longest in the morning to bring the temps back up. So I also plan to see if holding the temp helps as well. My temps warm-up before 7 am and cool off around 10 pm.

What’s your daily usage and home style?

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As you commented, tough to compare without more variables controlled or known, but we have 3500 sq ft walk out, with 95% efficient forced air furnace upstairs, 90% efficient water heater for in floor heat downstairs, 2x6 walls and ICF foundation and in the mid 20’s, running about 3.1 hours total at 71 upstairs and 69 downstairs.

Cold week, 0-15 degrees F