Daily point and picture

Hello Wyze Friends,

I’d like my Wyze Cam Pan, to point in a certain direction and snap a picture every day.

There’s a thermometer next to my camera and I want to log Temperature a couple times a day. IFTTT could work, but built in is always better!


The way I understand you question is at a given time during the day you want the camera to pan to an area it is not normally looking at and snap a photo, If this is the case I am not sure it can be achieved even using IFTTT. If it normally point s at the thermometer there might be a way but I would have to see if I could figure it out.


Thanks Jason! I appreciate any help you may have!

Does you camera normally see the thermometer or do you have to pan specifically to see it

It does not normally see the thermometer, it would require a pan, and maybe a tile.

As far as I am aware there is no way to pan the cam through IFTTT

Agreed, Thanks for your interest!