Customization for Emergency Button

Hello Wyze!!

First off thanks for adding an Emergency Button to the Wyze App! This awesome to make people feel safer. However, there is not much customization other than the fact that you can choose which devices have it and which don’t.

Because eventually we are going to pay for this if we want it we need customization to make it worth the money users will pay each month. Users should be able to choose where the button appears. Maybe people would like it when viewing a group of cameras. Maybe they want it when they turn their phone landscape mode. Maybe someone only wants the button on the live view. You should also be able to choose the color of the button. Maybe users want the button red. Maybe they want it purple. As you can see there are lots of ways users could configure the button and if we are going to pay monthly for this we should have customization options.

Anyone who would also like customization please vote above and comment below!!