Customizable No Motion Alert / Notification

The Feature - No Motion Alerts customizable by user for a certain period with no motion in the camera range.

The Feature’s Case - Many users, like me, use their cameras to monitor parents / child activities, health or general condition. In my case, I have installed a V2 in my Mom’s house after my father passed away. She refuses to live with us or with my sister and her health condition inspire attention.

Specially at night, we’re concerned of something going on, we’re not alerted and discover the fact in the morning only.

I believe this will be very helpful to detect no motion / movement when it should be for many users out there that use their cameras to monitor babies, kids or elderly parents. If there’s no movement where it should be, could be a sign that something might not be alright. I believe this could save lives and / or help in fast response to incidents.

Don’t know if this would do what you want, but the motion sensors already have this capability. Notify if no motion…

That’s the idea but for the cameras. Thanks for sharing.

I can understand why this isn’t an option on the cameras. Motion detection is unreliable. Any movement (say a bug in the frame or a spider web) triggers motion. The sensors use PIR which is more reliable.