Customizable motion clear timeout setting

I’d love to see a most customizable time setting for the Wyze Sense. I was using it to turn on my Kitchen light, based on movement, but if I am washing dishes and not moving enough, the lights will turn off fairly quickly with the sensor “clear” option. I’d love to be able to extend the time of the clear option!


Thanks for the request, ksjr48! This is something that you can set up using Shortcuts in the Wyze app. :slight_smile:

Hey Gwendolyn! I appreciate the personal response, it means a lot. I am, however, having difficulty locating this option under the shortcuts. I’m simply looking to extend the length of time that a Wyze sensor becomes clear. Right now it takes about a minute and a half to become clear, but I’d love to extend that to around 5-10 minutes. The only options I’m seeing in the shortcut section is for disabling notifications.

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You’re welcome! Let’s see what we can do. As a heads up, I’m using a test version of the app so if this doesn’t work yet, it will be coming down the line soon! The Shortcuts are only going to work if you’re switching to Wyze Bulbs (sorry, I must have been having a brain fart earlier).

Motion sensor in question
Has been clear for
Amount of time
New Action
Wyze Bulb in question
Turn off

Though if you want to use non-Wyze bulbs, this will be trickier and probably require an integration. IFTTT would need at least two applets to make this function because you’d need a “becomes clear”, a timer for how long it was clear, and then the bulb action.

Will this help? Based on your description and the edited post, I’m thinking you may need a setting for the motion sensor itself if you’re planning to use non-Wyze bulbs. Because of this, I’m going to move your post back to the Wishlist. :slight_smile:


Ahh! Thank you for the clarification! Unfortunately I’ve purchased many smart bulbs prior to the Wyze release. They’ll be my next purchase, for sure! And thanks for adding it back to the wishlist. Definitely not a must have for a great product, just a wish! :wink:

P.S. I tell all friends and family members about your quality products, low price point, and excellent customer service. You guys know how to run a business, and this email interchange is a big reason I feel comfortable spreading the word about Wyze! Take care!


I too would like to be able to set the amount of time that elapses with no motion before the motion sensor becomes clear. Currently it seems to be about 40 seconds. In my app, I don’t see the shortcut options listed in the above post (has been clear for… amount of time), so hopefully that is coming soon, but I would like to use IFTTT to trigger a text message when the motion sensor has been clear for a longer period of time, such as 2 minutes.


You’re welcome for adding it back to the Wishlist. I’m glad you took the time to chat with me about this! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your support and spreading the word about us. I’m happy that you’ve been enjoying your Wyze experience! :blush:

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