Customer Support Sucks

Customer service is terrible. Says to contact through Live Chat but Live Chat does not exist. All you get is a Bot. On phone for over 45 minutes until they hung up. Wow! Can’t even start a warrenty claim as I just keep getting sent back to the Bot. Worst ever. This company will never last with this type of service.

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I am able to get to the support chat by opening the bot and just typing no. The bot will say “Did this solve your issue?”, hit no and then press contact support. then you should be given an option for the chat


Thanks I will try that.

Go to the chat bot from the website. That way you can still use the app. It you use the chat bot from the app, it kicks you out when you try to go back from the chat bot.

I much prefer the experience I’ve had while talking to customer support by phone over the chat function. Chat was tedious and sometimes unhelpful even when talking with an actual person, although one rep was a standout. Still, I suggest you keep calling CS at (206) 339-9646 until you teach a rep who is willing and able to help you. (Rather than hold in the queue waiting for an agent, select getting a callback.)