Customer Support employees are rewarded

Tonight I ordered two more cameras to be placed in one of my parents home. There was a double charge , one transaction shows completed while there is another that says “hold”. I called and spoke to a young man on the phone. Very professional , courteous and down right Apple style customer service to be blunt ( I’ve only spoken to a few disgruntled Apple support representative in over 25 years, which is damn good!!)

I welcome that any day! A Premium product with a premium customer support team in place.


Well once the call was done, I received an email asking how was the customer support reps performance. How about they let US the customers choose a gift to supply the customer service rep. ( I would like to see a follow up email with the customer support representative receiving the gift picked for that person, so we do in fact know the system is valid ). Here’s the cropped email ( Not gonna put the persons information out there). I did give him 5 stars!

David is indeed our superstar! I’ll pass this message to him for sure! I’m sure he’s also lurking around the forums somewhere. Glad you’ve had your problem solved!