Customer Service problems. I’m pissed

Is anyone else having problems with customer service? I got one of the bad vacuums that cannot connect. I am at the point of doing a chargeback on the credit card.

After I got no response from my first trouble ticket, a few weeks later I made another. After some back and forth, I am now at 12 days without a response.

I have half a dozen cameras, two robot vacuums, 8 bulbs, four plugs, and have the alarm system on order. I am a heavy Wyze user, and am shocked at the way I am being ignored by the company. All I want is either my money back or a replacement robot vacuum. I haven’t been able to use the thing for about two months, this is ridiculous.


Welcome to the WYZE forums. There are literally hundreds of posts here on the forum with similar complaints. People in the know stopped emailing and chatting with WYZE long ago. The only way to get real support is to pick up the phone and call them. Hold times vary. The longest I have ever waited prior to getting someone is 38 minutes.

WYZE Support:
(206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

Hello @cwrink and welcome to the community

Do you have a ticket number and I can see if I can find out what the hold up is?

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Do you have multiple wrv or just one?
Have you connected a wrv successfully?
I am willing to help you.
Step by step.

Do it on their dime 844-999-3226

Yes. Same. It is sooooooo frustrating.

I can’t remember being this frustrated by Customer Service in a long time. I’ve received about 3 email responses with no answer to my question just the same non answer and an apology. I’ve been at it for weeks.

Good luck to you. Just yesterday my other half was shocked at all the products available and asked if we should get the vac. NO WAY. I’m not buying anything else knowing I might have to use Customer Service. I was one of their first customers and wow, way back then the support was amazing.

I too am highly frustrated with customer service. I purchased the home security and have been trying to add-on more sensors as I failed to scroll down past the checkout/buy button to select them. I have sent seven emails and am getting nowhere. If I get a reply it tells me to contact “customer support” and then nothing, no responses whatsoever. I am seriously regretting recommending wyze to others.

Check out what I’m dealing with here:

I’m done supporting Wyze.

I have not purchased any Wyze products yet besides 1 cam plus subscription. I planned on buying a bunch of goods. I searched their whole website for a phone number to call them or a chat with a real person feature. Am I safe to assume they do not support this? This raises a red flag in my book.

You replied to my message that had a phone number for support. So yeah, they do have phone support and in fact, it’s the only way to go if you require an immediate answer. WYZE also offers chat and email support, but it is 3rd class support to put it nicely.

WYZE product are a great value, particular the v2 and v3 cameras. The outdoor cam is getting better, but it’s still not nearly the value of the v2 and v3 cameras. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy any of their cams at this point. I’m waiting on a watch and the new color bulbs. I refuse to venture into anything that is connected to a utility, such as the sprinkler or thermostat.

I called a week ago to return my Doorbell . Wyze Ticket 1086096 . They said I would an email with the shipping label . a week later … nothing …

Update: Wyze took care of me and sent me a new vacuum! Thanks guys!

Lucky you. I have had issues with mine for two months with no answers or resolutions after several phone calls direct with customer service and emails

I haves had this issue for months!! They use to be so awesome wit customer service but
now… I don’t think there is one.

Is there any reason the agents that answer emails do not read what we type? I sent an email to support concerning my new Wyze watch. It worked great for 3 days then would not charge. I commented in the email how this was becoming a bad Groundhog Day theme with all Wyze devices. I also have an issue with my doorbell and had one with my thermostat. Wyze replaced the thermostat (after 2 weeks of troubleshooting) and soon as they did bingo the thermostat worked!
The doorbell keeps rebooting, will not stay on long enough to allow me to access the camera. I have tried every tip and suggestion found on the site and in the emails sent to me. But soon as I requested a replacement…crickets. Not a single reply to that email.
So now the watch has issues and in reply to that email the support agent responded with…We are sorry your Thermostat is not working…but nothing about the watch. DOINK!
Come on Wyze this is getting to be a really bad pattern. BTW I was able to get the watch charging so for the past 24 hours it seems ok. But I am going on 2 weeks with no doorbell and getting really frustrated. I know some will respond…Hey it cost 30 bucks what do you expect!!! Yep Wyze stuff is cheap, means it is not painful to toss it all in the garbage and go buy Ring. I totally get they are busy, I thought it was funny they even responded to one email explaining to me they are swamped with responding to service request. If you have too many service request maybe the issue is you have too many issues with too many devices pushed out without testing?