Customer service billing

I can’t get support from Wyze. Ive bern charged for cameras i don’t have The chat is never available. They don’t reply to emails or when I submit a ticket. How do I get support? :thinking:

Chat support’s hours of operation are:
6:00 am - 6:00 pm PT Monday through Friday, and 8 am - 4pm PT Saturday and Sunday.

If you use chat during those times, it should be available.
For the email, you normally aren’t supposed to just randomly email them directly. You are supposed to go to the website at and fill out the forum in the chat bot support to create a ticket, then they reply to you by email. It has always worked for me that way. Did you check your spam/junk mail to make sure it didn’t get sorted out on accident?

You can always try calling during the above times. I believe the call center support number is 206-339-9646

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I’ve never received a response from Wyze. Chat is never available so I leave a message as it states, no response.

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Try calling the phone number I listed above. I don’t know which time zone you’re in, but weekdays 9am-3pm is available for all 4 continental US timezones. Or weekends, 11am-1pm is open for all 4 timezones.

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This week, all I got was the bot, too.
I waited til 11am EST n got the email opt.

To my suprise, chat bot , to email . Did work, for my Wyze ODBC Pro’s solar panel order. (Next day response)

Not for my, "Code 9 ", playback error (ph specific or app very.), For my Wyze ODBC Pro’s, playback Problem.

I’m always in que, number 2,then it says every Agent is busy. I leave my information, no reply. They also don’t reply to tickets.

I am sorry you are having this experience, do you have a ticket number that I can look into?


I don’t ever get a ticket. I’ve filled out the form several and never get a reply, a ticket number, nothing! Phone hold times are way too long…chat is I’m always number 2 then it says all Agents are busy, fill out the form. It doesn’t do anything. No ticket number, no call back, no email, nothing !

I never get a ticket number. Chat always says I’m number two I que. Then I get the message to fill out the form, I do, nobody contacts me. Socal Media is no good, Noone replies to emails. I’m blocked on Twitter! I’ve been trying to find out why I’m blocked. I can’t get support for that either.


I think I will look at Blink. I heard their support is better.

I still can’t get support.

This is so weird. I have never not gotten through to support or not gotten a response. I have contacted them by phone and chat during business hours many times and always get through. I have done the email stuff many times and always gotten a response, sometimes the same day, sometimes within a couple of days (especially over a weekend). I know some people indeed have trouble getting through to support, but I just don’t understand why it is completely flawless every time I contact them, or anyone I know contacts them, and why some other people have trouble. It just doesn’t make sense to me, because from my experience, and my family and friends, it’s always been totally flawless getting ahold of someone in way or another and I can’t think up a reasonable explanation for why it isn’t that way for everyone.

I’m sorry to hear that some of you are having struggles getting through. Hopefully Jason can help get someone to figure out why so everyone can get through in the future.