Custom Notification Thumbnail Selection

I’m getting motion detection notifications, specifically person detected notifications on iOS and my Apple Watch and I love it. Unfortunately I use the cam on my porch and the thumbnail only shows the persons feet in the thumbnail because of the frame that is selected from the event. I have attempted adjusting the motion detection sensitivity and zone to no avail.

It would be great if we could set a time for the thumbnail where it would allow us to choose how many seconds into the event to select a video frame to use as a thumbnail.
Thanks! Wyze is awesome!

When I look at the log of events in the cloud I see a bunch of still images that all look the same - a scene with nobody in it. I want to instead see an image of WHAT HAPPENED. I think the system is choosing the first frame of the event video as the thumbnail. The problem is that it seems to start the event video about two seconds before movement began. This is great so we can see the person walking into the frame or whatever, but it’s bad for choosing a thumbnail.

Instead of the thumbnail being from time 0:00 of the video, could you instead choose the frame at time 0:06? The middle of the event is much more likely to have something interesting going on so we can identify the event usefully by its thumbnail.

Wishlist: Show thumbnails from middle of event, rather than begginning of even

For this wishlist, I’d like the ability to choose to show event thumbnails from the middle of the video, rather than the start

at the start of videos, most often the person is just barely in frame, basically showing an empty porch with nothing on it. Then I have to watch the entire video just to see why the event was triggered.

If you instead had thumbnails from the middle of the video, I could quickly know if the event was triggered by a mail-person, a cat, an unknown person etc., and not have to watch the entire video

It would be great to be able to select middle of video instead of start of video thumnail. Or at least had the option to select “start, middle, or end” of video as the default thumbnail display option