Custom Chimes for doorbell

Adding Christmas/holiday Melody to the wyze doorbell chime

I would like to suggest adding a few more melodies/tunes to the wise video doorbell chime. For example a Christmas/holiday Melody. I noticed almost all of the non-smart doorbells that you can buy allow you to change the doorbell to a holiday themed chime but this smart doorbell which should give you more access to different doorbell chimes doesn’t.

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Could you please offer a few holiday themes for my doorbell tone. That other company does so, and I became instantly jealous because Wyze doesn’t offer holiday themes.

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My new Wyze Doorbell Pro does have Christmas chimes…

Thanks so much. I bought mine a year ago. However, I don’t see holiday chimes offered on the app. I’ll look again. Does the app need to be updated?

Which doorbell do you have? Only the (battery powered) doorbell pro has the expanded selection which includes the holiday themed sounds. The (wired) doorbell does not.

Allegedly the chime that comes with the doorbell doesnt have the storage space for the whole expanded selection. (Which is why allowing custom chimes to be uploaded would be great!)

Well the problem I have with that is why don’t they just have it set to where when you choose a door chime it just loads that chime to the doorbell cuz you have to be connected to the chime to change the time anyway. Because it’s not necessary to have the chimes preloaded onto the chime you could just have it upload the melody to the chime when you select one.

Andrew Eslick

A doorbell should be fun. It looks like Wyze doesn’t agree.


Add seasonal or custom chimes

Please add seasonal chimes or the ability to upload custom mp3 files.

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