Custom Chimes for doorbell

Yes! Please add this! I don’t want to be mean but I really do not like the current chimes sounds at all. The default sound is the only one that isn’t ear-piercing or super annoying but I still do not really care for it. I would love to add my own sounds and I’m sure the company would see less returns as people who would normally return this due to not liking the sound effects would have less of a reason to return it. It would save the company money in the long run and it could be used in marketing as a one-up over the competition. Please make it happen!


I haven’t figured out to change it off of the original default sound. Where are the options?

In settings tap accessories, then tap the chime its hooked to, then tap tune

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Holiday doorbell chime options

Is there a way to import new chimes?
I holiday pack would be nice.


Would love to add custom sounds to the chime.

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V3 motion trigger doorbell chime dog bark.

It’s a shame we don’t have more control over the doorbell chime and treat it as it’s own device.

[Mod Note]: *This is a merged #wishlist submission. Your request consists of 3 parts:

  1. v3 detects motion (rule trigger). This currently exists.
  2. Activate doorbell chime (rule action). This is a current wishlist item specified as “Activate Doorbell Chime” in the 1st post of “Add More Actions for Wyze Rules”.
  3. Chime plays dog barking. This existing wishlist request to which your request was merged. Remember to scroll up to the top and click the VOTE button.*

Hope gona be possible rapidly to add custom chime

Also should have the ability to turn the doorbell chime OFF - the one that sounds on the actual doorbell when the button is pushed. Have a setting that allows the light to come on when the button is pushed but it should remain silent and jusst the light comes on. Referring to the doorbell itself, not the chime accessory.

Holiday Chimes for Doorbell

Please add more chimes to the already available selection. It would also be nice to get some holiday-themed ones (Christmas and Halloween mainly). Jingle bells? Bat flaps? Sleighbells? Spooky noises? Or just new stuff in general! I’d even pay for DLC chimes haha! Let’s hope this gets some attention.

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Custom chime for Doorbell Pro please.

Yes, I would also like updated doorbell chimes indoors too. These are boring and/or useless. I’d prefer to upload my own. @WyzeGwendolyn please consider supporting. @Wyziwyg

Please add the ability to add custom sounds created by the user. Would be incredible.

It makes me sad this still isn’t available. Come on, wyze! Do better!

Custom Doorbell Chimes

While you may be adding more sounds to the doorbell chime soon, I want the ability to upload my own sounds.

Yes, Wyze doorbell is way overdue for firmware update to include additional new chime sounds, particularly seasonal/holiday sounds. Ability to upload custom sounds in mp3/aac/etc format also highly desired.


Ability to add Custom tones

First time posting.
I searched and did not see a thread on this. I may have missed it. If so, quite sorry!

Any chance there will be additional doorbell tones added to the app in the future or MAYBE a firmware update grnating the ability to create custom doorbell tones?

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I am kinda jealous all these other cams have halloween chimes. They also have vampire voices for the camera part of the doorbell. This would be sweet to have!

Christmas Songs - Doorbell Chime

When will you add Christmas tunes to the doorbell chime?

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I finally resolved this by switching to a Ring doorbell. The wired version is only $39 right now on Amazon.

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How is ring compared to wyze? If you dont mind me asking