Creating a "start here" troubleshooting guide and make it a sticky

Can someone create a trouble shooting guide and make it a sticky in the support/q&a section of the forums. A step by step guide that people can walk through at home starting from easy stuff to check and do all the way up to a factory reset. Also, maybe a video in the support link. Just a suggestion. Sorry if one exists. I looked around and did not see one in either place. Thanks.

Is this what you’re looking for?

There is more here:


Nope. I am looking for more of a generic guide of steps for people to walk through and try. Make sure power is plugged in. Make sure camera firmware and camera app are up to date. Unplug for set amount of time. Sign in and out of app. Clear app cache. Just any thing or trick that has worked for someone in the past all in one place.