Create a series circuit for bulbs

I want to get more bulbs but to replace all 8 in my kitchen or 6 in the bathroom is ridiculous. I know lights today tend to operate in parallel (one burns out the rest stay one) but I want to convert back to the old fashioned series (one out they all go off). My reasoning is simple, I want one wyze bulb to turn the other bulbs off an on. Any electricians have an idea how to do this?

Just get a WiFi switch

Problem with series light is getting the right voltage, they need to be 110v in total so the 6 & 8 would need to be different voltage bulbs, 18v & 14v
If they are incorrect they’ll be dim or blow

I’ve looked at switches and they cost too much. I can almost get all new Wyze bulbs for the cost of the switch.

So they all add up to 100v, great. But how do I do that?