Crackling during playback

The same thing as you I guess lol Read my comment above yours.

I think the Wyze company has to admit it’s a problem and do
something about it or say they can’t and we have to live with it
if its a chip construction thing.

Thanks for tagging me in! Is this happening on all videos (Playback, Events, and manually recorded videos) or only some of them?

I can only speak of Playback because that is all I use. Maybe
someone else can help answer you. Thank you.

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Yeah. Playback on my iPhone. As @bruce2 mentionned earlier. Taking the SD card and read the files direcly from my PC and the crckling sound is not there. That means it is not recorded with the crackling. It seems a soft issue to me.

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Thank you both! Do either of you have Event videos with audio tracks that you could check? And would you be willing to try a manual recording to see if the crackling is present when you play the file? I want to make sure I point the team in the right direction. :slight_smile:

i will try tomorrow and report back about 3pm Eastern Time.

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Much appreciated, @bruce2!

I only use continuous recording. But I can try

Okay, I recorded a few events and a few manual recordings. Here is the weird result:

Regular recording and event recording have static playback issues but they are only on playback from camera cuz if I take the card and play on a computer - no problem.

BUT IF I RECORD MANUALLY there is NO static issue of playing back from camera - and I did it several times cuz I couldn’t explain it! And then alternated camera recording vs. a manual record control and still no issues on manual control! That’s all I got. Hope it helps!

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I just did a quick test and the crcakling seems to be less present in manual recording. I can’t say completely gone but there is a difference I can tell.

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Man, I’m glad that I covered my bases. I mostly asked about the other video types because I knew the Product Team would ask it. Way to go, process!

Alright, I’ll get this over to the team. Would either of you be open to sending in a log through Account > Help & Feedback > Report an Issue and discuss the differences in experience with the different ways of watching footage?

sure, i will do by Monday.

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Much appreciated! :slight_smile:

It’s done here. I sent my log files with the title “Crackling during playback” so the developpers can refer to this thread too. Hope it helps!

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sorry, i didn’t get home yet from work. very long day. i will get mine done sometime before morning tho.

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Thank you both!

@bruce2, I hope you have had time to relax after that long day. :slight_smile:

Yes I’ve been having the same issue lately. On both my cameras. In one of the cameras I’m using the micro sd card that came with the camera and in the other I’m using a lexar card. This actually started happening when with the latest update.


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Sorry to hear this, slyss95! Would you be up for sending in a log through Account > Help & Feedback > Send a log and describe the differences in experience between Wyze video types?

Thanks for the tag, @orbitalfenestra!

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