Covid test delay unacceptable

Follow up: After about 2 hr 30+ min on hold in chat, I gave up. I started that call just after 8:00 pm and it was approaching 11:00 pm. I sent finally sent them a terse message through their messaging page — which I couldn’t access while on waiting in chat — demanding they cancel my order and issue a refund.

After I got done with them, when I checked my email, my credit card had already sent me a confirmation email that they were canceling the charge from Wyze. I did have to send digital copies of my original order and order status.

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I also ordered on January 18, but still no sign of them or indication they have even shiped. I wish I had them in hand since I developed symptoms over the weekend that make it prudent to test before I’m scheduled to return to work tomorrow.

I spoke to my letter carrier today and he said that they haven’t seen any test kits in his post office yet. Fairly large post office in Massachusetts.

No such thing as a free test… Momma taught me that.

I ordered on December 22nd. I got a label printed notification a day or so later. No further updates. That is very poor performance. Has anyone received any tests?

Received mine yesterday. “Shipped” Jan 6th.

I just don’t understand how Wyze can do this. I ordered on Jan 2nd and still no real update. Today is 2/2 so a whole month later. They keep wanting me to update my home stuff with them but no way after this situation. How can I trust them on my very first purchase online and they will probably keep my money also. I ordered these same test 5 days later form amazon and they were here 5 days later. Ugh


Ordered 4 kits on January 3rd. Still no test. Shipping label was created 1/6 but test kit has not been transferred to USPS.

Called Wyze support today 2/7 and asked for a refund. Person immediately cancelled my order and approved a refund.

Just saw this for you guys. I know it’s no laughing matter but…


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Order mined 12/27, “shipped” 12/28 and still NOTHING! They took my money, where are my tests?
I requested a refund and received no response. Sounds like I need to call in my request.

I ordered my kit on Jan 4, still waiting, with no way to get a refund as it notes it has been shipped and a tracking number generated. This is a total scam - how do you generate a tracking number with nothing to track. I have called support 3 times to get a credit, but they say they cannot do anything about it.

Dispute it with your bank. Chase gave me my money back immediately and their investigation turned out in my favor.

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