Covid 19 test kits

Why is wyze selling the exact same test kits that can be sent free of charge from the goverment and post office? Bit shady $17.99 for a free test!

Perhaps it is because they didn’t get them for free from the government, like you can, paid for with our tax dollars.

They bought them with real dollars.


Wyze was offering these months BEFORE the government had an organized way to send them to us subsidized by our taxes…or more accurately credit/debt money.

Wyze has had a partnership with iHealth for lots of things long before these test strips. Also, the GOV subsidized ones are limited per person and how often.

There are others who need more. For example, my Wife owns 3 Healthcare related franchises and needed a ton more of these for employees and all the stores were constantly sold out. Again this was before the subsidy took place. The only place they could find any in stock anywhere was through Wyze. It was a lifesaver…probably literally saved lives that Wyze made these available so health workers would have some to keep themselves and the clients as safe as possible during the heights of the spread around here…but clients still needing care, yet at high risk of dying if an infected employee was around them. These things helped make it possible to test more often.


Also, if you purchased test kits and have health insurance, your insurer is required to reimburse your expense.

HHS Press Release
CMS info page


How strange. You’d think people would be delighted to find that the kits were exactly those that are endorsed by the federal government. It certainly made me trust them more.

That said, these vial mixing style kits SUCK in application compared to the Binax style, which allows you to jab the Q-tip directly into the card.

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Don’t you mean procured by the Federal Government?

Government contracts are Lowest Bidder, not Best Quality. The fact that the government is giving them away should be a red flag, not a green one.

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