Coverage and battery life overlap

Just started using the robotic vacuum, works well.

However I have a small area I’m cleaning, robot says 450 sq ft. It takes 1 hour to clean, and with high suction, battery will not cover it. I would muse in at my lake home but 1600 sq ft would take 4 or more charges, I also have a neato d3, and it can do the same room in 35 minutes.

I notice that when vacuuming the robot does much overlap. When traveling back and forth it moves only about 3 inches to the side per pass. (The neato covers full vacuum width or about 12"). The brush and cleaning area is more tha 6" wide so it is covering every spot at least twice. It takes 4 times as many passes as the neato.

If not for the battery and time taken this is good. But it would be good to have a configurable option to change the path width to full brush with to reduce clean time and coverage per charge.

Welcome to the community @mark.winger

Can you provided a picture or explanation of the floor/carpet the Vacuum is cleaning?

I know that Dark Lines may cause the sensors to think it is is near an edge and it tries to adjust for it.

I have a Vacuum and it works well and does overlap a lot. You may also find that it does not do the same passes every time it is performing a cleaning. I believe it is learning the room and it adjusts for the next time it vacuums. At least mine does not do the same pass every time it vacuums, and I do it weekly.

Also, if you have mirros or reflective area’s, the Lidar will get a bit confused and it actually helps if you place something in front of those areas.