Coupon codes

Where can we get some coupon codes

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I suppose Wyze may do that for employees, but I’ve mostly seen them just put things on sale or say free shipping otherwise. Anyone knows different, please chime in! :slight_smile:


Yeah, the only ones I have seen distributed are when they have a flash sale or a new bundle offering like when they first started the AirBNB Bundle. They also had the coupon when they did the Pixel Hunt.

Just have to wait for them when they come out. Usually a limited time and quantity.


There are lots of coupon codes at random times. For example, I won a free V3 with 1 year of cam plus on Discord this summer during a “Fireside Event” and Jimmy DM’d me the coupon code to redeem it. I just had to add it to my account and then type in the code.

Sometimes Wyze will send out coupon codes for things like “Get a month free of Cam Plus” and I think I saw one a while ago for 3 months free of Cam Plus during a promotion.

Most recently they had coupon codes during their “Pixel Hunt 2022” where you found the right QR code and you’d get a coupon code for $5 off or $10 off or $20 off when you entered in the coupon code. I ended up using one of those to buy something.

One of the years during the holidays, I got a coupon code for being in their top 0.2% of customers…where they said I could share that coupon code with up to 20 or 25 people or something to all get discounts, and the more people I shared it with, I would get another coupon for even more off.

Sometimes Wyze will issue coupon codes during different promotions, like get 10% off of something.

While they still use coupon codes sometimes (such as with the Pixel Hunt event), they’ve mostly switched to just giving immediate discounts off items as a promotional offer.

Keep in mind that you can usually only get one kind of discount though, and they don’t stack. So if you do find/use a coupon code, then you can’t also get the “Cam Plus Member” discount. They’re almost always an either/or thing.

I’m not aware of any current coupons out there for everyone at the moment…but sometimes you can win one during the event giveaways they do (Firesides, LinkedIn, Youtube events, etc), so I recommend attending those as they give away free stuff (redeemable with coupon codes).

I wouldn’t be surprised if they post some discount codes during Wyze week or Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Holiday shopping time.


Can you tell me how to get to Fireside? When it says coupons code drop at 12 - is that PST, Mountain time, etc.

Wyze - Discord


Thanks for the almost answer. How do I take advantage of the Wyze 2022 sale?

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You’ve just about missed the boat. The sale(s) have been going on all week. It’s called Wyze Week. If you can’t follow the Discord link and find the discounts/sales or haven’t opted into receiving Wyze product emails, try going to the Wyze website storefront or read through this forum topic:


Where is air purifier code?

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Welcome to the forum! @davidp1

The air purifier code is “LETITFLOW”

But I believe the coupon code was only valid for 4 hours , and was only good until 4 pm PT.

Their are some new coupon codes you are welcome to try . For $10 off a $100 order from Wyze , try “FORJIMMY”

“SPEEDYRECOVERYGWEN” for $15 off + free shipping on order of $150