Countdown timer for Wyze Thermostat

So can put on a/c and set timer before bedtime so it automatically turns off in 3-4 hours. That way you don’t wake up in the middle of the night ice cold because you fell asleep and forgot to turn off a/c.

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It seems that you have your cooling setpoint set too low. Why isn’t the setpoint in Sleep Mode set to your preferred sleep temp so that it turns off and on automatically and maintains that temp all night? That is what the thermostat is designed to do for you so you don’t have to turn it off and on.

Even so, there are three possible solutions for you since the Thermostat doesn’t have the timer function.

  1. In the Thermostat schedules, you can set a specific time at night when the thermostat automatically changes the state and\or temp so that the thermostat will automatically stop with a higher setpoint. You can then have the schedule change it to something different in the morning.

  2. You can create a schedule rule in the Wyze app for a set time at night that will automatically trigger the thermostat to change state or mode,

  3. You can use a Wyze Plug, which does have a timer function in rules, along with a series of Wyze Rules, to trigger the thermostat to change state or mode after it has been on or off for a set time. When you go to bed and change the Thermostat to Sleep mode, Rule #1 would trigger the plug to turn on. Rule #2 would shut the plug off after it has been on for X minutes, and also change the Thermostat state or mode.

Hope this helps!

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