Could my neighbor hack my Wyze Cam Pan v2?

My Cam Oan v2 resets itself when I come into my studio, at times. Rotates, and settles back to original position.

Is that caused by a neighbor perhaps?

Maybe I’m triggering it some how … it’s in my garage art studio where I need my privacy most. My neighbor is 20 feet away. Just wondering …


Is it pan tracking you?

To me initially it sounds like a power issue. But that’s a complete guess at this time until we know more.

How do you power the camera? What’s the listed power output of the power brick? What USB card are you using? Are using the supply to Wyze power supply and supplied cord?


I use the supplied USB power bricks attached to an extension cord plugged in behind my futon sofa (suspect? jiggler?)
A Pan Cam v2 is outside as well.
Both use supplied USB cables.

I had neighborhood produced power fluctuations due to someone (next door neighbor is suspect) drawing excessive amounts of power … Local power company stated.

Maybe that’s all it is … Me jiggling the power cord or my neighbor jiggling the power.

No. Just does a reset where it rotates left and then right, and returns to main position.

At 1st I wondered though …

Can you try it without the extension cord, just plugged directly into an outlet? and try it in different outlets? Different than the garage studio. See if the frequent resets have been there too?

Could my neighbor hack my Wyze Cam Pan v2?

I’d say the neighbor hacking is very highly unlikely, But like you stated that the neighbor could be causing power fluctuations. So yes, it could be caused by your neighbor, but Not by the remote chance of hacking, but by causing interruptions in your power supply. That is very likely as the symptoms you’re having do seem like a power issue.

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