Could a Wyze camera be both a webcam and a monitoring camera?

I love these cameras and have a few of them, when I searched online I found that I could actually turn it into a webcam. While I did not see anyone touching the topic of when it’s turned into a webcam does it still preserve the functionality of a monitoring/streaming language. Does anyone have any knowledge of this? If it’s possible how would we achieve it?

Thanks all!

Welcome to the Wyze community @Kai!
When you use the camera as a webcam, you need to install the webcam firmware. The camera will only be able to be used as a USB webcam if the webcam firmware is installed. You can use it as a regular Wyze cam or a webcam, not both.
Don’t forget to revert the camera back to the default firmware if you want to use it regularly.

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Suggestion for wyzcam3 firmware. Add the ability to use as a webcam and toggle between security monitor or webcam. Currently appears wyzcam3 does not support webcam firmware.

Welcome to the forums! Negative, currently only the v2 and PanCam are the only cameras that have the webcam firmware option. Sounds like a wishlist item you could make! :slight_smile:

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