Copy Log ID Button

Hey, small QOL suggestion, when submitting a log you are shown a screen with the little party confetti thing and your log number in the middle. Most of the time you need to copy this log number into an email or Discord or whatever, so if clicking the text that is your log id could copy it to clipboard, that would be nice.

Super random and very low priority, but would be a nice touch :smiley:

This is now implemented! @Mods wanna change the tags?


Looks like @WyzeJasonJ changed the tag. This may set the record for the fewest replies on a #roadmap topic between request and fulfillment. :slight_smile:
Thanks for submitting and noticing that it got done!


Correct me if I’m wrong but this has always been their. Been using the wyze app since December and I can remember copying the log id number or maybe I’m just getting old and I’m not thinking right… :thinking::thinking:

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I haven’t ever seen it until recently

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I saw it wayyy back . Weird

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