Cooling in xx minutes on thermostat

My thermostat gives me a message at the bottom when set to cooling saying “cooling in xx minutes.” I am not sure what this means and how to turn that setting off. Any help is greatly appreciated.

In your screenshot example your house actual temperature is 73 degrees and your thermostat is set to 72 degrees. The thermostat is estimating your system will run for 33 minutes to reach 72 degrees. It will only display this information while the system is either heating or cooling.

You cannot shut this off.

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Thanks for your response. That is what I was guessing. The weird part about it though is that it is not cooling or doing anything when it says that. I bump it one more degree down then it says “cooling in 1.5 hours.” It is like the thermostat is making it delay to save energy, or something of that sort. Really weird because just before 2 months ago this never happened.

Sounds like there’s another issue. If the screen is blue and says cooling, the AC should be running. Is the screen on the actual thermostat also blue and indicating cooling?

When you bump it down another degree, does it actually come on then? When you say not coming on, does that mean neither your blower motor or compressor is coming on?

The AC unit itself does not turn on. It waits a little while, then it turns on. It only does this sometimes though which is odd. The fan is on, but the AC unit is not running. It turns on about 15 minutes later.

I bet you have a utility controlled switch on it. During peak demand periods they will shut your AC unit down normally in 15 minute increments. Some utilities will give you a small credit on your bill if you allow them to control your AC and electric water heaters during peak demand periods.