Cooldown question

I just setup a V3 with cam lite. I understand it still has the 5 minute cooldown with lite. My question is I have it set to notifiy me on person detection. However, if someone pulls up in a car that triggers a motion event. Then when someone gets out I don’t get a notification for that. So, do all motion event’s fall in the same cooldown window? It is not a cooldown for each type of motion? I have it recording continous to an SD card if it matters.

Seem I may need cam plus after all if I want a notification when a person comes to my house, which I thought lite would have been enough for. I may could remove the road from the detection area, but that doesn’t prevent the same issue if someone pulls into my drive way instead of parking on the side of the road.

Cooldown means the camera will not record or send any events to the Servers for 5 min. No upload to the cloud = no notification of person or anything else.

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Yes the reason why I got CamPlus in the first place was because when tree branches move my V3 would not record any cloud event for 5 minutes. It doesn’t matter what kind of motion event it is.

Sound events though do have their own cooldown period, so you can try that and see if it is sufficient for you.

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I don’t have it set to notifiy on sound. But, I don’t think turning that on would help as I don’t have sound events listed when someone is walking up the driveway. Foot steps aren’t loud enough. :slightly_smiling_face:

Question about detection area. If it picks up someones foot or leg in the area of detection, but their body is outside the area do you get a person detection or normal motion detection?

Unless… :laughing:

I’ve had my legs identified as Person before, but I was wearing dark-colored pants and walking across the top of the Camera’s view. Not sure how well it does for someone walking towards the camera straight on and stops.

I was more wondering about the case where the entire person was in view, but only the legs were in the defined detection area. Not where the camera’s view only caught a person’s legs. So, would it use the entire image to ID the motion as a person even though only their legs were in the detection area? Or, does it only use what is in the detection area to determine what the motion is?

My understanding is it uses the entire image for AI detection. The detection zone is only used for limiting the initial trigger for motion detection.

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