Cool Down Interval Time

So if I enable “Event Only Recording” for the SD card, where will I see those one minute motion interval videos? Will I see them under the notifications tab? I have enabled “Event Only Recording” but I still only see video of events under the notifications tab every 5 mins.

The SD card recording is viewed by pushing the view play back button from the live stream. You will see the Motion events indicated by green shading on the timeline.

SD card and cloud recordings are two separate things

I understand now. Mine was always solid green because I had my motion detection turned up too strong.

it would sure be nice if there was an easier way of trying to scroll to the recordings. Trying to scroll to a one minute recording on that screen is quite difficult. Even to be able to double tap back and forth 30 seconds would be great.

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You can pinch and zoom on the timeline to change the scale of the timeline to make it easier to select a specific point in time. This is particularly useful if you have 1-minute increments based on the Record events only setting.

Well that works! Thank you.

Even at the low price of these cams and the free cloud storage- I would think shortening the cool down period is not a a big impact for Wyze server space at all. They are 15 second motion clips that would only happen a few times a day, and are not saved long term.

Last week, I was expecting my building maintenance guy to come to my apartment to do an inspection, I got the alert when he showed up at my door, but he was done in under 5 minutes and left. So for over an hour I thought he was still in my apartment doing stuff, until I reviewed the footage on the SD card. Never got an alert when he had left.

Also, as an example, say someone casually walks past your driveway, and then 3 minutes later they circle-back and take your mail. Or a bird sets off the motion alert right before someone approaches your door.

You are not even going to realize it until hours later, and it would take a while to backtrack through all the video footage and find out when it happened. Anyhow, just would be a great feature improvement if possible. Still love Wyze!


Hi @josh! May I suggest you hop over to this topic in the #roadmap, leave your thoughts and vote for it? It would help Wyze determine better the desire for this feature. :slight_smile:


Okay. But I’m not referring to how long the 12 second clips are stored on the cloud, nor a subscription. Just simply adding a different cool-down time to choose from, 2 mins or 5 mins. For example.

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@josh Understood, but the interval of 5 minutes exists because of the limit WYZE puts on everyone’s FREE storage. They sold a million cameras in less than a year their first year. Can you imagine what would happen if even half of those cameras started sending clips every two minutes instead of five? So, this is why a paid subscription option was put on the roadmap to see what the interest would be for additional storage AND reducing the cooldown period. :slight_smile:

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I understand. But there would not be twice as many clips being uploaded, only a fraction would have actually another motion event during that period 2 minute period.

Also, an easy trade off is reducing the time the clips are stored on the cloud. So if we enable 2 minute cool-down, the clips are only stored for 7 days, half as long. Or even 5 days, fine by me.

Anyways, Ill post this in the road map section: 2 Minute cool down option with 5 day storage in return.


Lately with my pan ive been getting notices every few minutes (when there is movement) but quickly fills up the cloud then i get no more notices till i delete the ones in the cloud. Is my cam special or something?

@encino34 There is no limit on the number of cloud clips that are stored. The only limits are the length of the clips (12 sec), the interval between clips (5 min), and the age of the clips (14 days). If you are sure this is what’s happening, then…

This forum is primarily a user to user community. If you don’t get a helpful reply here, I suggest you contact Wyze Support for more help. You might want to go ahead and submit your ticket now as there is somewhat of a backlog. If you end up getting the issue resolved before support contacts you, then you can always let them that it’s already resolved.

This is an option I would like to see, why not give the option of 2.5 min cool-down with 7 days retention? I just setup my 2 cameras yesterday and the cool-down period might be the deal breaker for me.

I merged your roadmap request for this, here: Paid Subscription For Cloud Storage

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The 5 minute cool down seems to also apply to local storage (micro sd). I can confirm that I am on the latest firmware I have tried downgrading the firmware, and re-upgrading. I have the Wyze Pan configured to only record Events and not Continuous. Is this a bug, or expected behavior?

Hello @chathamws, when you are using an microSD card inside the camera and the recording settings are set to continuous it bypasses the 5 minute interval but you just won’t be notified until after the cool down period.

OK, Ill try turning continuous recording on and see if that fixes the issue.

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Didnt seem to work… Example:

  1. 5:21p walked by the camer, Event created/saves and push notification works
  2. 5:23p walked by the camer. No event created
  3. 5:29p still no event from #2

Also notice that its only recording 12 seconds. I thought that was only if I was using cloud storage?


The problem is that you are looking in the Events tab for the SD card video, but you should instead use the “View Playback” button from the camera’s live stream view. You will not get any cloud clips or push notifications during the 5-minute cool down, but there will be video on the SD card viewable using “View Playback”. More info:

The 12-second cloud stored clips and the SD card storage are separate and independent. They are set up and viewed in different areas of the app.

For the SD card storage, go to the camera settings, then Advanced Settings > Local Storage. That is where you set the SD card to record continuously or event-only (1 minute segments).

To view the SD card recordings, don’t tap the Events tab in the app. That is only for the cloud clips. Instead, tap the View Playback button on the live stream view. How you’ll see a timeline under thevideo frame so you can go back in time. You can also remove the card from the camera and view or download the 1-minute video files on a computer.

Here are some help pages from the Support site: