Conversion to RTSP didn't work. Lost some features

Hello community,
I tried conversion to RTSP as per instructions on the website. I have inserted a new microSD card and kissed demo.bin. By the way, the file downloaded didn’t need to be unzipped as mentioned in instructions, I only renamed it. After inserting the card I pressed and held the setup button, inserted the power, waited for up to 4 minutes and the best I got was “Ready to connect”. I went through the complete installation setup and found that new person recognition feature was gone, also the conversion to RTSP didn’t work.

So, I got back the original microSD card, but still don’t see the person recognition feature.

What should my next steps be? Do I need to reset it to the original firmware version and upgrade it again,? What went wrong during the conversion to RTSP? microSD are 64gb each, is it too big? Did I have to use same microSD as was inserted into the camera from the beginning.

That may be the problem. Wyze plays well with 32GB FAT formatted, results may vary with larger capacity cards.

The RTSP firmware does not include the Person Detection software. It is a divergent build of the firmware that does not have the most recent features.

It explains this in the forum elsewhere. I will look for a link for you.

Gemniii, that was it. Switching to 32gb card Heroes activating the RTSP. Thank you for your help!