Conversion to a Webcam - My Comments and Observations

Hi all,

I followed the conversion/flashing instruction here and all went well: Webcam Firmware Instructions

Here are the parts I ordered from a well-known online retailer:

Wyze Cam 1080p V2 - WYZEC2

SanDisk 16GB Ultra MicroSDHC UHS-I Memory Card with Adapter
Note: I bought this combo because I needed a plug-in adapter for the micro SDHC card. FYI, you do not need a 32GB micro SDHC card if you are only using it to flash the Wyze V2 camera. Also, be aware you should remove the micro SDHC card from the webcam after flashing as it serves no useful purpose once converted to a webcam. And finally. make sure your card reader supports micro SDHC cards. My desktop has an old 4-in-1 card reader and it was not recognized; however, thank goodness my laptop card reader was newer and recognized it.

Rankie USB 3.0 Cable, Type A to Type A, 1-Pack 6 Feet

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First use after conversion - My comments and observations:

Image quality is better than many of the knock-off webcams.

Microphone quality is unacceptable. You will need to use a headset or an external microphone.

Depending on how you mount the camera, you may get a fish-eye effect due to the wide angle lens.

Camera does get a bit warm (but not hot).

If you experience webcam image flickering/ fluttering, change the Power Line Frequency Setting (aka Anti-Flickering Setting), in the HD USB Camera Properties, from 50 Mhz (default) to 60 Mhz. Access to this option should be made available in the settings area of the software you are using. FYI, I use You Cam, Debut Video Capture, and OBS Studio.

OK, that’s about it.


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Also, for people that make their Pan camera a USB camera. Make sure you adjust the camera to it’s center position because there is no way to adjust the camera location after you convert it. You will have to revert the firmware back to the default camera firmware, adjust it, then place the USB camera firmware on it.

Indeed, the audio quality is horrible.