Controlling multiple light strips from a single switch

I installed my 2 new light strips today, both in the same room.
I placed one of the control buttons in an accessible spot, on the wall, and the other is closer to the floor,
I wanted both strips to be controlled at together and created a simple set of rules:

  • When strip A turns ON, turn strip B ON
  • When strip A turns OFF, turn strip B OFF
    and vice versa.

Now when I actually go to control the first strip from the accessible button - both lights start flickering on and off a couple of times until they reach the expected result.

Ideally - when adding multiple devices of the same type - both devices will have a unique name, like Wyze LightStrip (n).
And when selecting the target device for a rule - that device can flash the light to indicate which one it is.
That wasn’t the case, so I can only assume that I created the rule correctly, if the lights are always listed in the same order.
When I tried to apply the rule on a group (I created a room group for both strips) - it was even worse flickering.

Welcome to the community @amirski .

Have you tried the following as it seems to me that the strip lights come on gradually and off gradually - at least mine does. So knowing this I would try:

  • When Strip Light A has been on for 2 seconds, turn Strip Light B on
  • When Strip Light A has been off for 2 seconds, turn Strip Light B off

Obviously you can adjust the if this works.

Just something to try.

So, help me out…the answer is YES, you can pair two separate units using your Iphone App? /thanks!

Welcome to the community @Surfer808 . I am a community member as you and try to help out when I can.

I am confused as to what you are asking here, can you elaborate some?

HI…2 light strips…can you sync them via the App?

Not sure of the answer, I only have one strip at this time. my others have not been delivered. I do know that the 32.8 is 2 16.4’s with one controller so those should be synced.

@R.Good / @carverofchoice , do you all happen to know if you can synce 2 sets of light strips together via the app?

I don’t have light strips yet (going to get some pros for my daughter when they’re available again though), but they do allow you to group them:


So, yes, you can control them together in a group as if they’re a single strip just like we can with bulbs in groups

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Thanks, appreciate your input on this.

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